Meet the London team

Assad Sadat, Chairman


For any queries regarding sponsorship of our Club in London, partnership, complaints or business enquiries please get in contact with Assad on 07456973003

Trisha, Club Secretary


Trisha is the Club's Secretary, for all administrative issues, funding and queries about the club please get in touch with her on or 07392759983

Victor, Lead Coach


For all players membership queries and registrations please get in contact with Victor on 07954702787.

Sophie, Fixture Secretary


For any queries with fixtures and the results from the match contact Sophie on:

Trisha, Welfare Officer


Trisha is the clubs welfare officer, in relation to any questions, issues or any personal matters please contact her and she will guide you through the process. All discussions will be kept confidential unless the child's welfare is at stake. Things to contact Trisha about:

  • Bullying
  • Match disagreements
  • Inappropriate behaviour from a member of staff
  • Issues relating to Parents
  • Problems with other players
  • Disagreement with Payments
  • Anything causing your child concern

Contact on

Faridah, Treasurer


For all queries regarding payment issues and membership payments please get in touch with Faridah on:

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